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Fitzdares has officially joined the ranks of legal betting sites available in Ontario, now seamlessly integrated into the iGaming Ontario platform. As a licensed sportsbook for the province, Fitzdares operates within the legal framework, eschewing any “grey market” or “offshore” operations. It’s crucial to note that only individuals aged 19 and above, located within Ontario, are eligible to utilize their Canadian gaming platforms. For those outside Ontario but within Canada, Fitzdares Canada remains inaccessible. However, for users across other provinces or territories, we provide comprehensive reviews of top sportsbooks catering to the rest of Canada.

About Fitzdares:

For Ontarians considering Fitzdares, understanding its background sheds light on its unique approach to business. Originating in the UK, Fitzdares stands out with its distinct business model. Unlike the commonplace retail bookmaker outlets dotting UK streets, Fitzdares opts for a more exclusive approach. Operating a select number of membership-based “Fitzdares Clubs” across the UK, these establishments exude an upscale ambiance, featuring elegant decor and sophisticated food menus. This distinguishes them from the more commonplace, “down-market” bookmaker locations.

Fitzdares extends its club experience by offering a sportsbook website for members to place bets remotely. While UK players can access their betting site without club membership, Fitzdares seeks to replicate this approach in Ontario. Although now caters to Ontario players, plans for a “Fitzdares Club” in Toronto are in motion. The recent launch event at Toronto’s prestigious “Harbour 60” steakhouse hints at the upscale atmosphere Fitzdares aims to create, mirroring its UK counterparts. This suggests that Fitzdares is poised to cater to discerning sports bettors, elevating the betting experience to a more luxurious level, reminiscent of its UK clubs.

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